Friday, August 27, 2010

Laura Ingraham Grills Eric Cantor

It's another edition of 'Where's Cantor?' 

LIVE ON FOX, on the defense with Laura Ingraham tonight. CantorWON'T commit to ANYTHING! Wow, Congressman, looks like the American public doesn't fall in line with your institutionalized incrowd. Someone's really starting to ask the real questions now! You'd better loosen your collar if you're going to shake your head 'no' as fast as you can while saying 'yes'.

You think you're friends with the press? Well guess what -- patriotism runs deeper. I'll bet you're still shaking your head! AHA, HERE'S the reason you won't address your constituents or debate your opponents . . . because you can't fight the PATRIOT in US!

[[APPLAUSE for Laura Ingraham]]

The people seem to know what a REAL conservative sounds like. Stay tuned for the Bayne campaign, Congressman (

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