Friday, October 23, 2015

2015 Virginia General Assembly Endorsements from the Virginia Liberty Party Board

The Virginia Liberty Party board has made their 2015 Virginia General Assembly Endorsements:

District 10 State Senate Endorsement:

Libertarian Carl R. Loser

District 12 State Senate Endorsement:

Independent Robert "Scott" Johnson

District 13 State House Endorsement:

Republican Robert G. "Bob" Marshall (Incumbent)

District 20 State House Endorsement:

Libertarian William M. Hammer

District 33 State House Endorsement:

Libertarian Mark D. Anderson

District 46 State House Endorsement:

Libertarian Andrew G. "Andy" Bakker

District 87 State House Endorsement:

Libertarian Brian T. Suojanen
State House Seat 13State House Seat 20State House Seat 33State House Seat 46thState Ho
*The Virginia Liberty Party makes endorsements in races where we believe there are Liberty Candidates for the voter to cast their vote without wasting it. If there are more than one Liberty Candidate we vote for the one we think is the most liberty oriented candidate, on occasion there is a tie.