Monday, March 24, 2014

Still Believe the GOP Leadership is Better than the Democratic Leadership and Will Play Fair and by the Rules?

Commentary by Floyd Bayne

romneytwerpYeah, yeah, I know, the election is over and we got Obama again. So, why is this important? It is important for the same reason that history class in school is important. It is important, because people must not be allowed to forget what has transpired and they must be able to recognize when it is happening again.

Do you still think that the Republican Party is better than the Democrat Party, when it comes to shenanigans? When it comes to lying? When it comes to subverting the will of the people? Really? Are you still upset that we got Obama again, when it is a very real possibility that we could have had Ron Paul? Do you prefer Obama over Ron Paul?

There is talk of another Romney effort in 2016, along with other party hack candidates, like Jeb Bush. Have you learned anything from the last 3 years? Do you understand that it can happen again and likely will, unless you, the voters, stop allowing it to happen?

Commentary based on this article:

Mitt Romney Finally Admits: “They Had To Steal Republican Nomination” From Ron Paul

In a new documentary called “Mitt” Mitt Romney all but states that they stole the Republican nomination from Ron Paul. This new documentary was released last friday at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.