Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How Far Would You Go?


Liberator! Freedom Fighter! Resistance Fighter! Pick a name for those who seek to liberate themselves from a tyrannical government. We all have used such terms, even used them to describe ourselves. Knowing history as I do, and the propensity for humans in positions of authority to become tyrants, I am on guard against and speak out against the potential for such tyranny here at home.

I have often considered what I would do, how far I would be willing to go, to fight for my freedom. How would that manifest itself? Certainly there are the efforts that we use via the ballot box, the political process, but what if that fails? What would happen if the government used all its resources, law enforcement, military, economic, etc., to strip you of your liberty and, in effect, make you a slave? What would you do? How far would you go? How hard would you resist?

In my contemplations about such a scenario and my reaction to it, I have considered how my personal resistance would manifest. Would I take up arms? If so, against whom? Who would I be willing to fight, maybe even kill, to restore my rights and win back my freedom? There are lines that many of us will not cross, for a variety of reasons. In any such fight there will be "collateral damage" to be sure. My efforts would be aimed at those whom I consider directly responsible for my enslavement and I would have no qualms about taking whatever action is necessary to win back my freedom.

I want you to think about that as well. Consider all the possible circumstances you could find yourself in and ask yourself, "What would I do?" For example; Would you shoot your enemy, Blow him up, Stab him, all in the legitimate quest for freedom from oppression? As gruesome and violent as that may seem, we all know that there are times in human history when one must resist, must fight back, must attack their attackers, in order to resist their oppression. But would your efforts include taking a car tire, filling it with gasoline, placing it over your enemies head so that it comes down around his body, and then lighting it on fire? Well, would it? Would you go that far? And to what end? If you participate in such acts do you not then become as evil as your oppressor?

How about blowing up buses or stores or dance halls where there are many innocent men, women, and children who are not your enemy/oppressor? Is that justified? In recent days we have seen a worldwide effort to memorialize a man who has taken part in just such actions. While his fight for freedom may have been justified the question becomes, "Were his actions in that struggle also justified?" Would you have done the things he did, against people who had not the power to oppress you or strip you of your freedom? These are things worth considering and answering, if only for your own peace of mind. As for me, The need to fight and kill should not be confused with torture and outright barbarity.