Thursday, August 22, 2013

Genius of our local government officials raising taxes (on our food)

Ah, the genius of our local government officials. They seem to have learned nothing from history.

Chesterfield and Henrico Counties wish to implement a "meals tax." Ostensibly this is to make up for revenue shortfalls in other areas and to help pay for schools. It's always about the children, isn't it? Of course we are told that if this tax is not implemented that the real estate tax or some other tax will necessarily have to be increased. As with the federal and state governments at NO TIME IS CUTTING SPENDING EVEN MENTIONED! No, we cannot possibly find ways to cut government spending or weed out inefficiency, that would require too much actual work on someones part.

Just as the state, thank you Republican governor Bob McDonnell, had to increase our taxes to pay for roads. This, even though we already have taxes in place for that purpose and those funds are to be used specifically for roads. Yet, once again, there was no money in the fund, so we had to raise taxes. But back to the meals tax. OK, you super-geniuses you, see if this makes sense to you:

The tax is implemented and the cost is passed on to the consumer (Just study economics 101 for a brief while and you'll understand). Because jobs and money are tight right now disposable income is at a premium. People decide to stop eating out at local restaurants as often as before. This means the restaurant's business suffers. They do not bring in as much money, thus the taxes our elected representatives hoped to raise are far less than expected. Because business is slow the restaurants have to lay people off, as they are unable to meet their overhead, which includes salaries and benefits. These laid off workers now must either a) find a new job in a poor job market or b) go on the government dole. If they choose B guess who pays for that. Guess what is going to have to happen to bring in the money to pay for the "benefits" for these new welfare recipients. That's right - Another new tax increase! Of course we could always borrow the money from China or just print up some more.

What a bunch of incompetent, bungling, non-thinking imbeciles!