Friday, February 22, 2013

Tell your legislators to vote NO on Virginia HB 2313 Tax Hike Bill

Virginia has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

The 109-page conference report on HB 2313 wasn't released to legislators until last evening and we are told it's even worse than we originally thought.

Delegate Ben Cline called it a "Frankenstein Monster" of a bill.

HB 2313 raises the state sales tax, regional sales tax, vehicle and tangible personal property taxes, vending machine tax, heavy equipment tax, recordation tax on commercial, industrial and residential real property sales, hotel tax, hybrid vehicle tax, and diesel fuel tax.

They call this a transportation bill but not all of the raised revenues will go to roads. Much of it will go to Metro and some to the General Fund.

To make matters worse, the NEW Regional Transportation Funding Authorities, an unelected governing board, in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads will decide how the transportation funding is spent. If they get it wrong, they are not vulnerable to the electorate.

The vote on HB 2313 will be today, despite the fact that few will have been able to read the Conference Report.

Please contact your legislators and tell them to vote "no" to the HB 2313 conference report.

Tell them an increase in taxes will further weaken the economy.

Tell them they need to cut spending, not raise taxes.

Please contact your legislators without delay and demand that they vote "NO" to the HB 2313 conference report.

Yours in liberty,
Donna Holt
Executive Director
Virginia Campaign for Liberty