Monday, February 27, 2012

Does Governor Bob McDonnell want to kill HB1160 which would protect Virginians from indefinite detention?

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The Virginia General Assembly website, which you are currently on, contains a wealth of information. To learn who represents your district, visit our Who's My Legislator site. For additional information on the members, visit the House of Delegates and the Senate of Virginia membership pages.

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When the General Assembly is not in session, you may call (804) 698-1500 for the House of Delegates Legislative Information Office and (804) 698-7410 for the Senate Legislative Information Office. 


Here is an open letter to Governor McDonnell:

VA Constitution Party, 2nd Tuesday Constitution Group Appeal to Governor McDonnell:
Are you in favor of indefinite detention for American citizens?

The events detailed below are confirmed by Del Bob Marshall, patron of HB 1160. The vote istomorrow, January 30th at 2PM in the House and could be landmark legislation, leading the way against NDAA for the rest of the country.
27 January, 2012
Virginia, Cradle of the Republic, Roanoke 

For Immediate Release

ANSWER TO: The Free People of VA
CONTACT:   Dave Mason, Vice Chairman, Constitution Party of VA (540) 885-1730
Phillip Spence, 2nd Tuesday Constitution Group, (540)309-6650

2nd Tuesday Constitution Group and her Liberty Partners must know:

“Governor McDonnell, do you support the unlawful   detention of US Citizens?”

“Governor McDonnell, do you support HB 1160, claiming the rights guaranteed to United States citizens that have been nullified by the National Defense Authorization Act?”

For those enjoying the liberties long sought after and associated with life in these united states, is there any other answer, other than a resounding NO?

It has come to our attention that influence extending beyond the Courts of Justice Committee, where HB 1160 is being heard, has been exhibited in in the form of “intimidation”, an effort by our own Governor to “Drop a Poison Pill” on HB1160.

Prior to the subcommittee taking a vote on the anti “citizen detention bill” Governor McDonnell sent a note to Committee Chair Iaquinto expressing that he was “opposed” to the bill… the same bill that is designed to prevent the violation of the Virginia Constitution and our United States Bill of Rights.

We must ask Governor McDonnell:

“Are you compromised in your service to the Commonwealth of Virginia by your position on and commitment to this administration’s “Council of Governors”???

We are asking Governor McDonnell to be the Chief Protector and Supporter of The Constitution of Virginia, and her CITIZENS as it his SWORN Duty!! Governor, what is your response?

From:  Constitution Party of Virginia

To:    Mr. Robert F. McDonnell

Governor of Virginia

Re:   HB 1160 Unlawful detention of U.S. citizens;
Resign the Council of Governors

Governor McDonnell,
We are writing to you to urge your support of HB 1160 in the current GA session.
HB 1160 is Delegate Marshall’s response to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA 2012) … and to the Act’s hideous affront to the American People by that Act’s flagrant disregard of the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments of the Bill of Rights. The Act also violates the Constitution of Virginia and suspends posse comitatus, a long standing American tradition by act of law (18 U.S.C. § 1385).

The NDAA 2012 is de facto violation of the Natural Rights of the People of Virginia.  After all, without avail to remedy in Law, no man or woman sitting in a federal Gulag cell is apt to believe that he or she is possessed of an unencumbered free exercise of Liberty.

With consideration to the above and acting in your capacity as the Chief Magistrate of Virginia, we would like to receive your assurances that you will support Bill 1160 to your fullest extent.

We also ask that you resign from the Council of Governors, being that:
The Council of Governors is an extra-state regional government which lies outside the jurisdiction permitted to the federal power by the organic Compact, the Constitution for the united States. Being so, creation of the Council is an act of Lawlessness. And so being, a participation in the Council must necessarily be a participation in Lawlessness by all sitting Council Governors. Also, the Council of Governors is unfriendly to, hostile to and inconsistent with the letter and intent of the Constitution of Virginia.

Many of Virginia’s People feel that, taken with the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act and the recent passage of the NDAA 2012, that the Council actively abets, enables and facilitates what is seen to be by many Virginians, an emerging American police state.
Accordingly, we ask that you disassociate and distance yourself from the illegitimacy that is the Council of Governors.

Fidelity to your oaths of office, fulfillment of your trustee obligations to the organic constitutions, this is how you may best honor the sovereign wishes and God-given Natural Rights of the good People of Virginia.

Thank you for your consideration in these matters,

And with our best wishes extended to you,

Dave Mason
Vice Chairman
Constitution Party of Virginia

cc: Members of the General Assembly
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