Friday, January 20, 2012

Col. Karen Kwiatkowski Blasts Bob Goodlatte for unapologetically backing SOPA

Conservatives are fed-up with big government. Yet, Bob Goodlatte behaves like government isn't big enough.  
Consider this --Bob Goodlatte spent 2011 CO-AUTHORINGand INTRODUCING the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). 
 SOPA makes the federal government EVEN BIGGER.Internet Freedom Enemy #1
If passed, SOPA will dramatically increase the federal government’s role in our lives, online and offline.  
It authorizes the Attorney General to block websites accused of copyright infringement from search engines and ISPs. And it allows the Attorney General to “commence action” against them without a court order.
SOPA will result in fewer independent websites, blogs,media sources, start-ups and tech industry jobs. And as a result, lower quality.  
How will it do this, you ask? Simple. It increases the cost of doing business for U.S. tech firms, payment network providers and advertisers.  In addition to increasing legal and compliance costs for small businesses, it also increases the size and scope of the federal government.   
SOPA expands the State Department, Attorney General's Office, Copyright Office and other agencies and creates a new set of bureaucrats.